Swapping tokens

Token swap lets you exchange one token with another. Here you do not need to place orders and have an order taker to trade with you. Rather, you trade with the liquidity pool. Therefore, you can get your tokens almost instantly thanks to Wanchain’s fast speed and low fees.

In the next figure, you can see how it works.

At the bottom, you can see more details on the transaction. Here you can see the minimum you will always receive, the price impact in the pool, and LP fee, and the route that will get you the best price for your trade.

If the price impact is high, you might want to put in a smaller amount at first.

When you are ready to swap, just click on ‘Swap’ and follow the instructions.

If you want to adjust slippage or a transaction deadline, you can click on Settings in the top-right corner. Please be careful and read what the settings mean by clicking on the question marks!